Jimmy on bass

On a wet and windy July day in 2010, the Shedmen took to the stage at the annual Peelstock event. Organised by the friends of the Tommy Clucas Memorial Fund, this event attracts the top local bands to play in memory of Tommy to help raise money for the foundation. This was the second occasion we had played the event, and our exploits were captured both on camera and video by several people on the day. This page details links, pix, and even embedded Youtube clips of our performance. We are deeply indebted to everyone who turned up on the day, the organisers, the dancers, and the snappers - it was a great experience for the band

The Shedmen giving it the high octane treatment

Stewie and Boz† - Common People like you

We love Peelstock† -†† The Shedmen give it their all

Stewie in blue

Boz takes it easy

Take me out

I donít like Mondays

The Passenger