Text Box: The Shedmen at The Venue, Douglas, 3rd March 2005
Photographed by Trevor Burgess

Why “The Shedmen”?

We used to rehearse in a shed - yes… we used to rehearse and everything!


How often do you rehearse?

Whenever the planets align, the moon is in the 5th equinox, there’s an R in the month and we can be arsed


How would you describe “The Shedmen” in 3 words?

Don’t go there


Why don’t you play more of your own songs?

We want people to like us


What’s behind the Eddy Grant Tribute?

Eddy Grant, obviously. If you play the 4 chords, being Eb, Bb, Cm, Ab, you can put any Eddy Grant song over it… even “Do you feel my love”


What’s the point?

Fun and laughter… oh… and music


Why are you so keen to get people to come up on stage and do a turn?

A) We get tired quick

B) There are lots of people out there far more naturally talented than us

C) It’s great fun - what better karaoke backing than a live band?


You seem to have substitute players now and again, what’s that all about?

True enough Sean has a protégé in CLF who will cover for him if he is off island. Jimmy had a temporary substitute whilst he was out in Africa. As for Stewie -  The Shedlads proved in November 2012, that they are more than capable of replacing both Stewie and Jimmy and with Boz - it’s only a matter of time. Ultimately, our dream is that The Shedmen live on, with none of us being allowed to play in the band


What’s the best advice the band has ever received?

Turn it down, the police are outside


Have you met any celebrities?

Yes, we did a support slot for Hugh Cornwell in 2005, Andy Fordham, the darts player was spotted in the audience once, and Andy Kershaw was at one of our gigs some years ago


Why do we do it?

A question we always ask ourselves after a gig when we have all the gear to pack up - particularly when it is raining


Where have I seen you before?

We have been around for 20 years, so most places


Do you keep in touch with the ex-members of the band?

We barely keep in touch with existing members of the band


What’s your favourite venue?

It’s a toss up between “Malabar” and “La Piazza” - the band have more meals than gigs nowadays


Do you ever fall out?

Only with the drummer - it’s traditional


How can I avoid seeing you again?

Avoid pubs that play live music, and don’t go to any parties where there is a “lively band playing punk classics” booked (unless it happens to be the Filth and the Fury, in which case you should definitely attend)


When will you retire, and why isn’t it sooner?

Any day now, but we keep getting invited back