Obsessed with drums, drummers, the noises that drummers make and the art of cross-stick. Useful to have in a pop quiz team when there is a specialist round on drummers. Always  happy to talk to anyone about drums, drummers, drumming styles and drumming techniques. Sean is a Caterham Boy and a Crystal Palace fan who knows what he likes, and most of the time, what he likes is drums.


Birmingham City fan, obsessed with all things jangle such as Rickenbacker guitars and excessive use of distortion. The band’s self appointed musical director, he is bi-timbrel, with the ability to switch between keyboard and guitar effortlessly, without ruining his eye-liner. Has been known to murder such classics as “I don’t like Mondays”, and fancies himself as a bit of a geek, tinkering endlessly with this website and a regular stalker on Facebook.

Local boy, Jimmy has a long association with the band. Since his first public appearance as guest player in the band Bagawashin in 2001, the “boy” has followed the band tirelessly as roadie and Prater-understudy. Has also performed with local bands Module CD5 and Green Date, Jimmy is a familiar face on the scene and plays his Fender Jaguar very loudly.


Text Box: From the land of The Buzzcocks, and a devout Oldham Athletic supporter, Barry has often nailed his true colours to the back of a Shedmen Set - namely his “Ooh Roger Palmer” scarf. Boz does not play an instrument on stage, however he does own his own music stand, and is often seen waving a drumstick menacingly as he delivers his distinctive vocals. A tendency to babble between songs, this is a useful diversion, whilst the rest of the band pull themselves together before the next song.
January 2005

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