In late 1991, on the Isle of Man, The Shedmen came together as a result of the split of "Bagawashin" with it's guitarist, Peter Burton, moving back to the mainland. Remaining band members, Barry Williams, Sean Plowman and Stewie Mills were joined by Mick Prater, formally bass player with "Hey Now and the Trollops", and local boy, Paul Johnstone.


Why "The Shedmen"? It's one of life's great unanswered questions, but what we do know, is the name was Mick's idea! Together they rehearsed a set list comprising of "Punk / New Wave" classics such as "Ever Fallen in Love", "Pretty Vacant", "Babylon's Burning" and "Do Anything You Wanna Do"  They made their debut in February 1992 at a local venue known as Bushy's and this became their spiritual home. After a number of gigs elsewhere on the island.


In 1993, they started to introduce their own material into the set, mixing it with more melodic covers such as "Light my fire", "Is She Really Going Out With Him" and "Dancing in the Moonlight" Towards the end of 93, the Isle of Man held a Battle of the Bands, and The Shedmen came through the heats to land second prize behind local band "Monster.


In the autumn of 94, guitar and keyboard player, Stewie announced he was moving, to Jersey and the band split as a result. This site was created as a legacy to the great times the band had together, but legends are not just for lunchtimes. The Band were invited to play a one off gig in 2000 by Kev Madin, an old friend and loyal follower of the band. A year later, Stewie & Sean decided to have a joint 40th birthday party, and re-union No2 happened


Finally, Stewie returned to the Isle of Man in late 2002, and the band decided to get back together, as a 4-piece, Paul having moved on. Throughout 2003 & 2004, The Sheds graced the finest venues on the Isle of Man, to once again re-acquaint the Manx public with their special blend of late 70’s punk classic nostalgia, and more recent noisy stuff from bands such as Blink 182, Ash & Feeder. Towards the end of 2004, Mick announced he would be emigrating to New Zealand, and organised a farewell gig at The Shore in Gansey.


Unperturbed the remaining three members decided to soldier on, bringing in rookie bass player Jimmy-boy and since January 2005, they have once again returned, rejuvenated, reinvented, reinvigorated, and rehabilitated back into the community.


We have played (and ultimately see closed down) a number of venues in the Isle of Man… The Cornerhouse, The Trafalgar, Poachers Pocket, The Venue, Summerland, The Douglas, The Britannia, Glen Helen Hotel, to name but a few.


Gigs come and gigs go, but there is one gig we will always remember. This band’s claim to fame came on the 3rd March 2005, when they were invited to support Hugh Cornwell at The Venue. It was a  night to remember. 


And even now, in 2016, we still keep getting asked back!