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As a one-guitar, 4-piece, they strip down songs and rely on the solid rhythm section of Sean and Jimmy to underpin the songs, with a mixture of power and thunder. This provides the foundation for lone guitarist Stewie to flit between distorted rhythm and even more distorted lead without needing a back-up rhythm guitar to fill out the

Text Box: Jimmy & Sean -  thunderin ‘and a chunderin’

sound. The result is a rawer live experience where songs are delivered with an edge, and a feeling that they are barely in control! Meanwhile, Boz provides a karaoke-like vocal delivery, adjusting his voice to bring a caricature delivery of each cover version that does enough to bring the essence of the original song, but collectively as a band, a faster, rawer live edge that pumps up the interest and adrenalin. There is little deviation in the overall sound other than a switch between clean and distorted guitar. The boys have honed in on a raw Green Day-type delivery, which works well enough for the carefully selected material they play, but unlike many cover bands around they have a slightly different, almost warped view of the world.

They do not take things too seriously, and much banter and self deprecating humour is obvious as they plough through the sets, and you get the feeling that they need to be as entertained on stage as the audience are whilst watching. The second set creeps up on you somewhat, where apart from a brief respite during one of their best and closest to the original


Text Box: Stewie & Boz -  no laughing matter

covers, “Psycho Killer” they pick up momentum with an explosive, relentless run-in of “Take me out” “Basket case”, a bizarre montage of “Fall at your feet” and “So lonely” which incorporates a mid song tribute to Eddie Grant (no, you just have to be there to quite believe it!) followed by “Ever fallen in Love” “I predict a riot” and “Bet you look good on the dancefloor”. The experience is exciting, exhilarating and quite exhausting. The band play at high volume and you’ll leave the gig feeling entertained, with those last few classics ringing around in your head - just as well, as you’ll be able to actually hear, absolutely nothing!


The Shedmen bring you along with them on a journey choc-full of well known cover versions, but arranged in a unique way to maximise the live feel of fast raucous punk music played by a four piece. They’ll play 2 hours of songs you will know, and most likely have on the i-pod, in a humorous and deliberately loose way. They are your quintessential good time pub rock band.


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The Shedmen are an odd bunch. They specialise in late 70’s punk classics by bands like The Jam, The Buzzcocks and The Clash, and then bring us right up to date with commercial raucous stuff by The Kaiser Chiefs, Green Day and,  The Arctic Monkeys.


If you get the 2-set experience, you’ll find them starting off Set One in quite a controlled and melodic manner, with carefully selected songs spanning the last 40 years. The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes”, Martha and The Muffins’ “Echo Beach, REM’s “Losing my religion”, or most recently, Hard-fi’s “Suburban Knights” give an indication of the span of material, and the kind of song targeted for The Shedmen Treatment, but do not be fooled, they are merely lulling you into a false sense of security.