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9th June 2016

So once again, The Shedmen graced the stage of Bushy’s Beer tent during TT week. An honour and a privalege. The band had a few technical issues during the 2 hour set (strings breaking, amps fading, vocals screeching) but we got through it and had a geat time) Some pictures on both our Facebook pages and within the Band gallery on this site give a flavour.


23rd May 2016

Yes it is true, The Sheds are back once again to play the world famous Bushy’s Beer Tent on Wednesday 8th June 2016. We will be on early, 7.30-9.30pm, so get on down and support your local Shedmen. As Sean is away, the sticks will be handed to regular contributor Danny “CLF” Mills, who is far more famous for being a member of ((% who are also playing several venues across the Isle of Man during TT fortnight.


1st January 2016

Is this band dead -  we’d like to think so, but there’s always someone that gets in touch to say, “...any chance, boys?” We try and discourage this, but often we get pursuaded  -  like last year for instance. We had no intention of playing the gigs that came our way, but they were opportunities we could not say no to… The Royal Hall, Villa Marina? A Bakehouse? Good times!  Be seeing you


10th April 2015

“Never say never” … and so here we are again, at the Isle of Man beer festival, straight after the Grand National in the Royal Hall at the Villa Marina on Saturday 11th April 2015… a giant stage for a small comeback  -  what could possibly go wrong?


16th August 2014

“This could be the last time, it may be the last time, I don’t know”  So said the Stones back in the day, and those words still ring true for us today. Last night we played a private party at The Hydro, and despite this being the first gig for over 12 months, I’m pleased to report that The Sheds soon found their form, and gave a good account of themselves. However, despite this raucous revival, no further plans are in train for any future performances… but you never know


23rd February 2014

The unthinkable has happened. Yes, having stated that we have gone into hibernation, someone has gone and woken us up. It’s not until the summer, but to be honest, we need a bit of a run up. We’d like to thank Sam and Terry for thinking of us, and in the words Chrissie Hynde, we are “Back on the Chain Gang”


22nd September  2013

Is this the end?  We sincerely hope so, after a low appearance level this year, for a number of reasons, enquiries, bookings and opportunities are finally drying up. That is not to say that we would not be tempted back out for the right reasons, but for now, we drift into hibernation safe in the knowledge that The Sheds are sleeping soundly… night night.


10th March  2013

We are back  -  which scare’s us, let alone anybody else. We talked about downsizing, we talked about semi retirement, but frankly, and this is the bit that scares us, we are just too damned popular. So having taken a sabbatical, we are now in demand for 2 weddings, one birthday and a public gig. We know what you are thinking… why?


It certainly beats us, but nevertheless, its onwards, and upwards as we seize the day, and rock on, as requested. Check out the schedule page for dates once finalised


1st January 2013

Happy New Year! It’s amazing isn’t it? The more we try and scale things down in terms of band activity, the more enquiries we get. Weddings here, leaving do’s there. Nothing concrete yet, but it’s pretty clear we will be back on the chain gang later this year!


25th November 2012

So last night was the big one. Our 20 year anniversary party at The Prospect. Great to see so many people there. A bit of a nightmare early on with dodgy performing equipment, but matters were righted soon enough. We should give thanks to Steve Leonard, for once again providing an entertaining (albeit predictable) support slot. The half time entertainment was provided by The Shedlads  -  a glimpse into the future whereby the lads covered three Green Day songs to much applause and appreciation.  Go to the shedpix page and select Band, 2012 for some action shots.


So as we strum our way towards the final powerchords of our illustrious career, we give thanks to all who have come and watched, have joined us on stage, or have spoken of us in glowing terms. We keep saying that we are retiring and that this gig would be the last gig, but once again, we were accosted by friends demanding one more performance for an up and coming birthday or private party. So we remain semi-retired, but open to offers - but seriously, folks, we really do need some roadies!


5th October 2012

Hello, remember us? We are back in the saddle on the 24th November. We are hosting a party at The Prospect Hotel to celebrate 20years for the Sheds… important point… ATTENDANCE IS COMPULSARY!


14th June 2012

After a successful couple of gigs over TT week, we sadly have to advise that we have had to pull out of our scheduled gig at Jaks this Saturday due to illness. We will return with more punk rock and singalong tunes in short order. In the meantime, checkout our latest snaps on the 2012 Schedule page


26th May 2012

Yes indeed, TT is nearly upon us. We play 2 gigs in race week: Monday the 4th June at The Creek in Peel, starting at 9.30pm, then Friday 8th June (that would be Senior Race Day) at the Bushy’s Tent starting at 10.00pm - (get down there early and also see our old friends Catch 22, who play 7 - 9pm) … we will be accompanied by some spectacular fireworks, part way through our set - it’s gonna go with a bang!


6th May 2012

Next stop The Creek, Monday of TT week, and then senior race night, the big one...

So we played Jaks last night - the first time for two years and what a night! We’ve known it lively, but nothing like last night. The crowd were bopping and a dancing’,  they were grooving and a prancin’. We had several stage invasions (ERGO drunk people fell over the floor monitors) … it was great! We debuted “Chasing Rainbows” and brought back “Monster” it all went well. We’ve posted some pics on our new sparkly facebook page… Go and like us at 


28th April 2012

As hinted earlier in the year, we have now created a Facebook page. Still coming to terms with the functionality and all that malarky, but The Sheds are embracing social networking like a new curry house. We will create events, we will post pix, we will dump on your News feeds… PLEASE LIKE US!


Last week we played a gig without Boz - special guest vocalist from Catch 22, the right honourable Ian Manton, stepped into the breach (and cow dung) to play a private party at a farm in St Marks. Boz will return at our next live performance which is at Jaks on Saturday 5th May 2012.


16th April 2012

Well, we have swung back into action. Rehearsals have started, gigs are flowing in, and the run up to the spring/summer is well on the way. Check the 2012 Shedule page to see the dates and gigs lined up so far with a few more to be confirmed.


We played the Northern up in Ramsey last Saturday, to celebrate Raz’s birthday. All seemed to go down well, especially Raz who managed to tumble on to the stage and push Jimmy back in mid-flow… its all rock and roll!


A private party on 21st and then it’s all down to Jaks for an early May extravaganza, as The Sheds continue chasing rainbows.


1st January 2012

So doesn’t time fly? Happy New Year from The Sheds to everyone out in cyberspace, and what’s new for 2012? Should we have a facebook page? Possibly. Should we buckle down and record some of our old songs? Eventually. Will we spark back into life and attack the Manx Music Public once again with our energetic blend of punk and jangle? More than likely.


In the meantime there is an important matter to attend to… the paradox which is trying to arrange a Shedmen post Christmas curry alongside the new year detox. Priorities set, we’ll let you know how we get on… oh, and if we get any bookings this year you’ll be the first to know!


20th November 2011

So last night there was a bit of a party for two of the elder members of the band. The Sheds played a lively 45 minute set, and then handed over the baton to Catch 22 to show us how it’s done. A good time was had by all.


So that’s it for 2011. A quieter time for the band as old age, personal commitments and apathy have ruled. We will hope to come back in the new year re-vitalised


28th August 2011

We are back! Ahead of a special private party in November, we have a gig at the Outback Tent on Thursday 1st Sept, and then a warm up gig at The Creek on Saturday 8th October  with Catch 22 - it’s gonna be a bit special


17th July 2011

Sunday Peelstock called off due to awful weather -  gig cancelled


3rd July 2011

Gigs can come along in strange and mysterious ways. Our drummer got a wrong number call from someone organising a fun-day at Castletown football club -  next thing we know we are live on stage on a barmy Sunday afternoon.  So that done, we look forward to Peelstock on Sunday 17th July - if the weather stays like this it’ll be a great one


8th June 2011

What a fantastic gig last night. Up on the new Bushy’s Tent open-air stage, we enjoyed the privilege of playing to the Bushy’s crowd  7-9pm. We had a support act, called “The Red Arrows”  but to be honest, they weren’t up to much. They seem to play everything twice, and despite all that flouncy red and blue smoke, and intricate manoeuvres, the sound was a bit one-dimensional.  We were pretty happy with our set, and great to see everyone singing along to “I don’t like Mondays” at the end. Thanks to everyone that came down to watch, sing-a-long and dance. Next stop, Peelstock


30th May 2011

We are back and all set for 3 gigs in the next couple of months. A private party on Mad Sunday, the infamous Bushy’s Beer Tent on Tuesday 7th June, and then Peelstock on Sunday 17th July 2011. Hope to see you there


31st March 2011

It’s been a while, but we are back with some news! We have secured a couple of gigs around TT week. A private party on mad Sunday, and then the infamous Bushy Beer tent on Tuesday of race week (7th June) Rehearsals are underway, and we are all excited

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