15th December 2007

Played two gigs last weekend - a riotous night at The Vaults in Port Erin, and then a charity bash at The Riverside in Laxey. This band gets about a bit, let me tell you. Paul joined us on stage and helped out on guitar duties—anything that can mask the lead inadequacies of our usual guitarist has to be a good thing. The place was packed (which means there was at least 20 people in there), and a great atmosphere ensued. The Saturday gig, nicknamed Laxabalooza was an odd gig. The sound and set up was great but the turnout, along with the weather was somewhat disappointing. Hey ho, onwards and upwards. Jaks on the night before Christmas Eve—hope to see a few Christmas punters down there

27th October 2007

Our next gig should have been at Kennedy’s Bar in Onchan Park. Unfortunately, the organisers have had to pull the gig, due to a change of policy with regard to live music at this venue. A great shame, as we were looking forward to debuting there. We have played that room before, 4 years ago for a private party, but it wasn’t called Kennedy’s in those days. Indeed, back in 1991, when it was called the Shibumi Club, Boz, Stewie & Sean played there with their previous band, Bagawashin - and that night, they certainly were!

11th October 2007

As the nights draw in, and the clocks go back, the Sheds are busy rehearsing new material. When we say new, we don’t mean new-new, we mean old-new. So expect a few surprises at the next few gigs. Not sure what yet, although we are particularly taken with Hard-fi and The Fratellis, and there’s always the chance of us resurrecting some of the material we discarded in days gone by. Next stop Kennedy’s bar in Onchan, in November, or as it is abbreviated on Manxbands, KBALLS.

8th September 2007

All been a bit quiet on the gig front. We’ve had a succession of holidays and work commitments, but we are back on the chain gang on Saturday 15th at JAKS. We’ve spent a bit of time rehearsing some new material. Interesting challenge when a basic drum/bass/guitar/vocal band like us take on a song normally played live by a band with 6 players on stage. Who needs keyboards or a second guitar anyway? And who would have ever thought a Lost Prophets song would get on the set list - except Jimmy of course!  Additionally, another old punk classic, “New Rose” should finally see the light of day on the 15th. We dropped it from the last gig at the last minute, so bring it on at JAKS.

4th August 2007

We played The Creek last night. Always a good atmosphere, and the night came to it’s usual crescendo at about 11.45pm when we crashed into “I bet you look good on the dancefloor”. We have ourselves a little break now, during the rest of this so called summer, and will return at Jaks on 15th September.

18th July 2007

How cool is this? Our gig on Friday 20th July 2007 at The Cornerhouse is being video streamed live across the internet. Yes, indeedy, The Shedmen play to their biggest audience ever—THE WORLD. Gigs just don’t get any bigger. This is all down to our friends at 2Poor2Tour who are piloting some bands on the island with their funky new technology. We are all for it, we’ve got friends in Manchester, Birmingham, Totnes, Florida Kenya and New Zealand—even they can’t escape now. It’s gonna be awesome.

1st July 2007

Here comes the summer, and a few gigs lined up, particularly Peelstock on 21st July. More details in the Shedule section. Sean is back in the saddle, and we played a private party last night in the wilds of Santon. We had a catalogue of technical issues , including failing footswitches, broken strings, flattened batteries and failing lights. An average night out for this band.

9th June 2007

So, TT over for another year. We had three gigs over the period of race week, and we should start off by thanking our substitute drummer, CLF, who deputised for Sean whilst he was away  -  the boy did well. Tuesday night at The Creek in Peel, which started badly due to our volume being higher than acceptable for the local constabulary, but once we got going, had a great night, and finished on a high. Then back - to - back Bushy gigs, with the beach at Port Erin on Thursday evening, and the climax of the week, Bushy’s tent on Friday night. The Tent was packed, and the atmosphere down the front was brilliant. It reminded me of our past great nights in Bushy’s music room in the early 90’s - people jumping around, singing along to the songs and enjoying a good rapport with the band. We finished with an encore of “Live Forever”  - a nice testament to the TT, and “Pretty Vacant” our tribute to 1970’s punk. Bring it on again - can we have the same spot next year please, Lenny?

27th May 2007

Sounds like we broke a record last night. We played the Vaults, at The Bay Hotel, Port Erin, and it would be fair to say that it is not one of the biggest venues we play on the circuit. In fact, once the drum kit is set up, there is little room left for the other band members and equipment, let alone an audience. Somehow, the room became even fuller, and we were advised that this was some kind of record for the number of people that were either in the “music room” or the doorway by the bar. We had a good night, with CLF deputising on drums for Sean, who is away for TT fortnight. Roll on TT Week

13th May 2007

Last night we played Jaks for the first time. What a fantastic night! The place was heaving, the atmosphere was great, and every song brought a ripple, at least. Grateful thanks to the top table who dutifully sat right in front of the speakers and sang along to Common People, Boulevard and Ruby. Bring it on again - a fine venue to play on a Saturday night!

27th April 2007

What a nightmare. Stewie got stranded in the States, courtesy of US Airways, and didn’t get back in time for the Saturday gig — instead spent most of Saturday in Frankfurt, where he was diverted—best place for him, truth be told, but apologies to all at The Ship, and anyone who turned up for the gig and was disappointed  -  we will re-schedule

31st March 2007

We  played a very enjoyable private party last night, with some real funky dancing going on in front of us!  We are taking a break over Easter, but will return on 14th April where we will debut at The Ship in Castletown—if it all goes pear shaped we’ll just blame Johnnie!

17th March 2007

A few more gigs now lined up for the spring, including our debut at both The Ship and Jaks. We have been concentrating on introducing some further material into the set, with an original, “Errand Boy,” dug out from 1994, along with some raucous stuff from Stiff Little Fingers and The Kaiser Chiefs. We should see these aired for the first time in public before the end of March

4th March 2007

Fantastic night at the Cornerhouse last night, playing at Phil’s 40th Birthday party (pics in the Photobucket). Enjoyed seeing The Chris Flood Band perform, and also an impromptu Weirdo re-union - great fun! Next gig at the all new re-furbished Creek in Peel. Got a sneak preview of the new stage and decorations earlier in the week, watching TUB, and we are looking forward to our gig there on 24th March. We have also secured a booking there on Longboat day on 4th August, which is always a great party atmosphere

25th February 2007

Next gig is Saturday the 3rd March, ably supported by The Chris Flood Band. Our old friend Phil Reynolds is hitting the big 40, and we are playing at his birthday party at The Cornerhouse - it’s an open invitation for anyone to come on down and enjoy . We first came across Phil when we shared the bill with The Problem, at Bushy’s music room, back in the early 90’s… Phil was playing bass for them in those days and they were one of the best bands around at the time. Other news, we have secured 3 dates for TT week. With Sean away that week, we have conned CLF in to helping out once again on drums, and we will grace such venues as the beach Port Erin, The Creek Peel and the Bushy’s tent in Douglas. With it being the centenary year for TT, we are hoping for a bumper turn out.

11th February 2007

We had our party at the Cornerhouse on the 8th. Good turn out and an enjoyable evening with a number of familiar faces there to help us boogie on down. See pictures on the 15 page (click link on left hand frame) We debuted some new material, including “Common People”  “Islands in the sun” and a re-working of our own song “North and South” . Always nice to churn the set. We were also joined for one song by our old friend “CLF” who had been heckling us all night. He is the drummer from TUB, but has deputised for Sean a couple of times when he has been off island. He powered his way through “Basket Case” before returning to his table full of snakebite and blacks !  More new material on the cards for our next gig on 3rd March!

3rd February 2007

So we’ve made the papers! The Manx Indie ran an article about us on Friday 2nd February 2007, with a full page cover page photo and detailed article covering our 15th year anniversary and gig lined up for Thursday 8th February. A big thanks to John and the team at The Indie, for making this happen. We look forward to seeing as many of our friends there as possible

6th January 2007

The 15 year anniversary gig is now officially booked with The Cornerhouse for Thursday 8th February. We will be sending out reminders to friends and followers of the band over the next few weeks, as well as promoting the gig through manxbands, posters, and even an article in the Manx Independent!. Come on down and join in the fun. The other big news is that a Shedmen original song was played on the radio for the first time ever. Simon Quine hosted a radio show on Manx Radio on New Year’s Eve afternoon… and there for all to hear was North and South. It has spurred us on to bring the song back into the set, however, you can hear the original version now, by clicking on the sounds shed to the left of this article, and then selecting “North and South” from the track list.

1st January 2007

Happy new year, and I’m pleased to advise that the site has been brought up to date. The SHEDule for 2007 looks a bit thread-bare at present. This is partly due to Boz needing to convalesce after his surgery, and then him taking a holiday in February. We are looking forward to our gig at The Cornerhouse on 8th February . This will mark the 15th anniversary of the Shedmen’s first public performance. We hope to see as many our friends there as possible

Text Box: 24th December 2006
You may have noticed a few references on the site to our forthcoming milestone. Well, yes indeed, on the 1st February 2007, it will be 15 years to the day since we made our debut at Bushy’s music room — you will already see pictures of that never-to-be-forgotten night within our Gallery section under “debut”. More details to come on the party we have planned to celebrate our longevity. So this is Christmas, and what have we done? 21 gigs to be precise, with one more to play during 2006 at a private party on the 29th.  From all The Shedmen, to the whole of Cyber-space, may we wish you all a very merry Christmas, and a happy and prosperous new year. God bless us, one and all.
16th December 2006
Bit of a shock, the news of the Castle Mona complex closing down. Having played there Saturday night, and then to see the place finished less than a week later is unbelievable. We had some good nights in there, and the room was big enough to crank the sound up and get the punters rocking. We have deepest sympathy for all those poor folks that have lost their jobs just before Christmas. The number of larger venues in Douglas continues to reduce. With The Douglas also out of action, The Cornerhouse and The Traf appear to be the only specialised music venues left in Douglas Town centre.  
10th December 2006
What a great night at The Office last night. One of those gigs where we just seemed to get it right in terms of playing, stage sound and timing. Second set was storming, and the dance floor filled up nicely for “Take me out”. The bar staff were a little worried early doors and asked if we could turn down a bit - so we obliged, for one song, and played “Echo Beach” … then we whacked up the volume for “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes” If there’s one thing you need to know before booking The Shedmen, it’s that we are a Punk Band—take a look at the Set List on this website - there’s no sleep til bedtime.
1st December 2006
Welcome to our blog page. This is a new item on the website, where we aim to keep you up to date with the news on band members, gigs as they are booked, thoughts and memorable moments on gigs played and a plethora of other stuff that may spout forth from our collective stream of consciousness. So Christmas is nearly here and we have 3 gigs left, this side of Hogmanay. A private party on 2nd December (we love playing parties for friends of the band, always a great atmosphere), a Saturday night at The Office on the 9th, and then another private party on Friday 29th. Tis the season to be jolly, after all. We are taking a sabbatical (which for the uneducated, is a small oriental sword!) in January 2007 (Boz, our sex-on-a-stick lead singer is having some cosmetic surgery to righten his jaw—we offered to do this for him manually at half the price, but he has opted for the professionals). He will need recovery time, although he cannot guarantee that he will come back being able to sing any better, but that’s life. February 2007, the Shedmobile will scream back into action.
Text Box: 14th December 2008
So another year draws to a close, and The Sheds break for Christmas and New Year festivities. We played two back-to-back gigs last weekend - one a private party and the other a rather raucous night at The Creek. Once again we were joined on stage by Mr Warby - a regular guest with the band, adding rhythm guitar to the overall mix on certain songs. It was good to get some new material aired, namely “Hurt”, “Steady as she goes” and “Should I stay or should I go”, and as for the private party the night before  -  let’s just say, what happens on tour, stays on tour, but I think we are all still a bit traumatised by the YMCA intermission! A big thank you to James and the crew for booking us, feeding us, and joining in the activities we had organised  -  it was a great night. So onwards and shedwards -  the band will be back in 2009 -  we’d like to say leaner and fitter, but that’s unlikely… we’d like to say energetic and sprightly, but let’s not get carried away. We’ll take stock, with the usual pre-Christmas band-curry and plan our next onslaught of the Manx music scene thru 2009 -  until then, have a good Christmas, all, may your New Year wishes come true, and if you see us playing in a venue nearby drop in and sing along
4th October 2008
The nights are drawing in, the clocks will soon go back, and  we decided to have a night out to take stock of the situation. The four sheds, in a well known Indian Restaurant on Queens Prom, a table laced with curry, kingfisher beers and a plethora of ideas on what to do next.  After much discussion, we decided we’d then move on to the pub. Such “Band meetings” are held from time to time, to discuss potential new material, ideas for new venues, recording projects, and general banter of a funny but sometimes cruel nature. The upshot was surprisingly positive: a list of 20 songs to potentially pursue in the coming autumn months, ideas around “musical montages”, and a unanimous agreement that a “pelli pelli” strength curry is to be avoided for those of us with a less than cast iron constitution. 
23rd August 2008
As the advent of old age catches up with 75% of the band, we choose our gigs and opportunities carefully, so as to maximise enjoyment fun and frollicks, whilst minimising the hump-factor of dragging gear across the island in pursuit of the live buzz of a gig. Last night was truly a night to remember - we have this mate called Steve. He’s been an active supporter of the band since before The Shedmen formed, when we were a band that time forgot (ERGO Bagawashin) Steve often plays a few songs as a support act for us, albeit that his favourite song is The Beatles’ “Just Seventeen” Anyway, the point is this  -  the old giffer just turned 60, so we were delighted to help him hold it up in a venue of his choice. That venue was The Railway, and a splendid time was had by all. There are some notable highlights of the evening… a Chuck Berry tribute from Steve, an Irish folk interlude from the other Steve, a raucous set from us Sheds, and some bizarre dancing and cavorting by the audience, with some lovely aspects to go with it through. 
5th July 2008
July sees us going party mad, with 4 gigs now booked up for the month… a busy time indeed. There have been a few updates to the site - notably “Shed expectations” which gives the reader an idea of what to expect at one of our gigs. Also, we have rehashed the “fans page” giving credit to friends of the band who have joined us on stage… there are some strange old sights there. Despite no demand whatsoever, we have also posted a page showing the band in full flow during rehearsals. These picture were shot in arty black and white, and look a bit out of place elsewhere on the site, so they have been put together on one big monochrome page. On the Youtube front, we now have 13 songs posted for all to see - some marvellous memories there, and we hope you enjoy watching them. There is also a clip of our previous band “Bagawashin” recorded back in 2001. This was Jimmy’s first ever public performance, and as well as the four current Sheds on display, it also featured our old friend Pete Burton, who was original guitarist in the band. 
22nd June 2008
Played the Creek last night but with a difference. Our resident bass player, Jimmy is out in Africa, and so Dave has kindly deputised for him over the last couple of gigs and has proved his worth as a reliable, adaptable bass player. Our thanks and best wishes to Dave for the future … we hope he enjoyed the gigs as much as we did! Our previous gig was a wedding reception at The Claremont Hotel. We were not sure quite what to expect but we needn’t have worried. The whole party had a great time and there was plenty of dancing and bopping all night, which made it a great occasion and one we feel honoured to be part of. It’s not every day a punk band get to play a wedding do! We are very much into party season and July will see 3 private parties that we have been booked up for, at three new venues for the band, and so lots to get excited about. Finally, we now have the video edited from the Bushy’s tent gig during TT.  Our thanks again to Ian for being cameraman for the night and keeping a steady hand despite the volume and activity around him. If anyone wants a copy of the DVD, please drop us an e-mail at the address below
8th June 2008
TT over for another year. Our planned gig on the beach at Port Erin Thursday night got re-scheduled for the Vaults inside, due to inclement weather. We still had a good time, and the crowd went wild! Friday night was our “top-of-the-bill” performance at Bushy’s Beer Tent, playing Senior Race Night for the second year running. What a fantastic night, once again. There are many thank you’s to record for the evening’s events. Phil and Dave for the sound, Wammy for the plugging and support, Lenny and Martin for their continued faith, the Smoke Bloke for providing the smoke (obviously) Karen for the pictures, Ian for the videos, Danny for standing at the front and drinking enough cider for all of us, Cainzie, Wriggzie and co for getting the dancing going, but most of all , the crowd for getting involved and making it such a memorable occasion. From an atmosphere perspective, on this island, it doesn’t get much bigger or better than this and we are privileged and honoured to have taken part in the festivities. Pictures are dotted around this site, also in our usual Photobucket, and there’ll be Youtube video clips posted in short order, once Jimmy shows us how to do that!
9th May 2008
So plans are coming together for the forthcoming TT festival. We have gigs at The Creek, Port Erin Beach and the infamous Bushy’s Tent  to look forward. What with Jimmy’s trip to Africa coming up and different dates and commitments there will be all sorts of guesting and strange goings on happening within the rhythm section…. But The Shedmen keep rolling on. A number of people have asked us when we will be recording again—it’s been a while. The good news is that we have the facilities now to do this, and do it properly—the bad news is that we don’t seem to have enough hours in the week to make it happen. It will happen, over the next month or so… possibly
20th April 2008
What a week! A fantastic night at The Creek on Saturday12th April. Now it’s no smoking, a real joy to play and breath! There was a big crowd in towards the end with some familiar faces. Then on Thursday we helped with the IOM Children Centre’s Charity Pop Quiz. Boz was quiz master for the evening, with the band helping out during the interactive rounds. We played a series of intro’s for the teams to guess. We then had a musical chairs round to the sounds of The Sheds playing “Monster”. There was a dance-off to “Take me out”, followed by a live karaoke round, where punters got up and replaced Boz on lead vocals. Kelly was the winner of the latter. Then we debuted at The Railway in Douglas last night. Tremendous atmosphere from the very off, with lots of audience participation (Kelly again!) as well as Dave playing bass on Blitzcrieg Bop. Dave will be guesting for the Sheds during June whilst Jimmy goes does his missionary work in Africa.
23rd February 2008
We are taking a bit of an enforced sabatacle. There are a succession of holidays and personal commitments coming up which means we won’t be playing live again until 12th April—seems a lifetime away. There’s a bit of rehearsal still going on, inspired by the tv series “Ashes to Ashes” - hah ha, there’s plenty of 80’s material lurking out there, gagging for the Shedmen treatment . We have a fair few gigs lined up now up to, and beyond TT—take a look at the Shedule. 
27th January 2008
100 not out! Last night played a private party for a close friend of the band, and had a great time. The dancefloor was a rocking, and the band was kicking. We debuted Stewie’s new Lin6 Spider III amp and it kinda made an impact—to the point where Sean now wants the kit miked up to try and keep up the sound. The gig was a great night, with “Don’t like Thursday’s” being crooned by the birthday in his inimitable style. 
20th January 2008
Last night we played Jaks, and it was the 99th gig The Shedmen have played since their reformation in 2003 -  to quote Boz, “99 lead balloons, and counting”
1st January 2008
Happy New Year! Yes, another year, and another re-launch of the site - I really must get out more. 2008 promises to be another year of fun and frollicks. We kinda pick and choose our gigs nowadays, mainly because we are not getting any younger, but also because work and family commitments are such that we like to prepare and make each gig an event. We kick off the new year at Jaks on the 19th of January, and then the following week, we are playing a private party for a good friend of the band. As it happens, the gig on the 26th will be the 100th Shedmen gig since we re-formed in 2003. Not that we are counting or anything, but we hope it will be a very special occasion 
Text Box: 15th August 2010
We’ve come to a bit of a decision in the band. Over the last year or so, we have certainly downsized activity. Much of this has been down to a mixture of work commitments, health issues, random holidays and us getting old. We have decided to pull out of the pub circuit - so whilst we have always been made welcome at the likes of Jaks, The Creek and more recently Amber, our issues within the band are that between us, we never seem to be able to synchronise diaries, agree dates and then be able to stick with them. A sorry state of affairs, but there we are. So going forward there may be the odd private party, perhaps the odd promoter can persuade us back on stage for a special occasion, but to all intents and purposes this is semi-retirement time… what a bunch of old giffers!  We would like to thank Claire and Darren particularly for their patience and continued faith in us over the last few years, and everyone who has come to see us in the pubs and clubs on the island and had a good time. It’s time for the new breed to come through and make a stand. With Peelstock now likely to have been our last public appearance this year, we have devoted a page to it, as we have gathered a whole load of photos, links and video clips for your enjoyment. Click on Peelstock on the left hand side of this page.
11th July 2010
Well what to say? We played Peelstock last night - for those unaware, this is the annual outdoor gig organised by the friends of the Tommy Clucas Memorial Fund. Despite the weather being cloudy and intermittently rainy, it was a great event with a number of top local bands performing. We went on at 8.15pm and had taken the prior decision to play 45 minutes of high octane, non-stop, raucous fast punk plucked from both the 70’s and more contemporary artists in the same genre. It all seemed to go down well, with a fair few on the moisten dance floor singing and bopping away to The Shedmen in the open air. The organisation, set up and stage was absolutely superb and we can’t thank the organisers enough for the hard work they put in to make it such a memorable occasion
20th June 2010
So a quiet year for us so far. With 3 of us away for TT fortnight, it is the first time in many years that we have not been out and about during the festivities and gracing the likes of The Creek, Jaks and Bushy’s tent. Summer is traditionally our private party season and we have a couple of those coming up in the not-too-distant, along with a slot at Peelstock, and a MGP appearance at Jaks. Feeling a little rusty, we had a bit of a rehearsal this week, and started picking off some older songs to re-introduce for the parties, producing a dischordant evensong of “Hurry up Harry”, “Down in the tubestation at midnight” and “Psycho Killer” ringing out in the early evening Kewaigue sunshine. 
2nd April 2010
We have been confirmed for Peelstock this year. This is to be held on 10th July at Peel Football Club in aid of the Tommy Clucas Memorial Fund. Looking forward to it already - please support this event as it is a great cause. 
7th March 2010
Great gig at Jaks last night. Celebration of Bozstar’s 50th birthday, and a lovely atmosphere from start to end. Apologies to any Oasis fans in, there was some unnecessary business at the start of “Live forever” but the band recovered well! So onwards and upwards. We have another gig lined up, upstairs at The Rovers. First time for us at that venue, so will be a new experience. More to come on that in due course. Meanwhile, we really need to organise a rehearsal, but more importantly, the next band lunch… think we might go Italian this time  - can’t beat a lunchtime calzone… ciao!
23rd February 2010
Finally, we get this year started at Jaks on 6th March. We have had a few issues outside the band including surgery, work commitments, sloth and apathy. It was so bad that it took us until late January to get our first band lunch organised - a rather fine plate each of fish and chips at a well known new diner in town... and we all noted that there was no “F” in plaice. Rehearsals have also been scuppered by the reasons listed above, and so it is unlikely that we will yet bring the joys of Magazine to the set list  -  one day Pablo, eh? So, the Jaks gig also represents a huge milestone for the band -  our aging singer reaches the magical age of 50. We are advertising this gig as his 50th birthday party  -  on the basis that there will be a fair few in there anyway, and it will mask the fact that he doesn’t have that many friends. We would be delighted to see as many people as possible turn up for the gig  -  even if it is just to bring him a Saga brochure and provide him directions to the local whist drive. Hope to see you all there
1st January 2010
So here we are starting another year. Things have been rather quiet for the band of late. We played a gig in early December at Amber, and invited the young band “We found Wally” to play a support slot, and very well they played too. They were semi-finalists at the recent Battle of the Bands, and look great prospects for the future. We have another enforced break coming up due to an unforeseen operation for one of the band, so another sabbatical awaits, pending another comeback at Jaks in early March. Hope to see a few of you there then. Happy New Year!
25th October 2009
It’s been a while, but the good news is the Sheds have started rehearsing again (again?) - the bad news is that the Sheds have started rehearsing again. There are a couple of gigs coming up in December, so we thought we better re-acquaint ourselves with our ramshackled set list. Regular cries of “how does this one go again?” and “It starts on D… as in Dickhead” were heard from the studio as we stammered through 90 minutes of forgotten memories. Another couple of sessions and we will be tickety-boo!   
2nd August 2009
With three quarters of the band backing CLF at a wedding last night, we now come to rather a long sabatacle. There are a number of reasons for this, around health, work commitments, holidays and so on. We have a rather special private function to play at Christmas time, however until then, The Sheds are somewhat out of commission. We are in the meantime pursuing a potential acoustic option, but this may take a few weeks to get off the ground. In the meantime, we hope to see a few peeps around the town, and if you bump into any of us in the street, say “Hello Shedman!”
13th June 2009
1st June saw the band being featured in the local publication “Banter”. We gave an insight as to what it is like to play the Tent during TT week. We would urge all local followers of the music scene to get hold of a copy, and buy the mag each month -  available from all good newsagents. It’s a right riveting read, and always features articles on bands making a name for themselves on the island. TT over for another year, and as ever, much to savour from this year’s festivities. Warming up at Jaks in practice week, a raucous last half hour at The Creek on the Tuesday of racer week, a well attended beach gig at Port Erin on the Thursday, and then the big one at Bushy’s Tent on Senior Race Day.  That Friday night gig was something else. A great atmosphere, a lively crowd, a strong performance from the band, and the gig being beamed live across the worldwide inter-web. Of the last three years playing on Senior Race Night in the tent, this was by far the best, and the whole band had a great time. Thanks to all who came down to our gigs over the TT festival and joined in the fun. So what happens next, you may ask… how do you follow that? We have a few private parties in the offing and they are always a bit different, so roll on the summer 
24th May 2009
TT is almost upon us. We had a warm up night at Jaks last night. What a fantasic atmosphere it was in there. The place was chokka at 9.30 when we went on. We had CLF on drums with us, as Sean is away, and the boy had a good night  -  having brought the majority of his work colleagues with him, which helped boost the attendance tremendously. There was a little disruption to our second set, when a regular follower of the band (no names mentioned, lets just call him Mike!) took a couple of tumbles on to the stage, and did his best to take the band down with him. Fortunately, only a cut lip and a few bruises ensued, but I guess we are grateful for the attention, and the interaction on stage, even if it was a little physical!  So TT beckons, with a follow up gig at Jaks during Practise Week, (with CLF once again providing drum support) followed by our usual program of Creek, PE Beach and the magnificent Bushy’s beer tent. Click on the red TT logo for details.
13th April 2009
Last night we played the Oskar’s Dream Charity night at the Old Friends Association. It was a fine old night with many acts turning up to do a turn. We weighed in with 45 minutes of high octane commercial punk, not before we had witnessed a new band on the block, “The filth and the fury” who appeared to be playing all the songs we either play, have played, should play, or were due to play later that evening. A quick re-arrange of the set list was in order, so that we didn’t repeat too much of what had been heard already! The highlight of the evening was seeing our old friend Doylie winning a Shedmen t-shirt in the charity raffle. Now this was not any old t-shirt. It was actually worn the night The Shedmen first played Bushy’s tent  on the 8th June 2007. We naturally expected him to take it home and frame it, but not old Doylie, He had it on faster than you can say “Sweet Home Alabama” which he actually got up and sang at the end, with a few other musicians to top off the night. You can’t say fairer than that! Next stop Jaks on 23rd May  -  we know it’s a long way off but  less is more on the gig front. It’s true to say that The Sheds have had more lunches this year than gigs, and we can be seen regularly in Route 66 enjoying a burger-fest
5th April 2009
It’s all been a bit quiet on the Shed front so far, during 2009. This has been down to a succession of holidays, trips across and work commitments, none of which have been connected to the band. We came back from hibernation on March 27th with a rip-roaring night at The Bay in Port Erin. It had been over 3 months since our last gig, but it was as if we had never been away. All the old favourites came out and we even managed an impromptu snippet of The Chain, to greet the new F1 season. Yes indeed, if the crowd want us to play a request badly enough, you can rest assured that the band will play such requests… badly enough. Our next stop is a charity gig on Easter Sunday, in support of Oskars Dream, we will be there along with many other top IOM acts so come on down. We will be featuring surrogate drummer, CLF which will make for an interesting time, as he is keen to play our songs as close to the original as possible - something we all struggle with most of the time! 
1st January 2009
Happy new year You’ll notice (possibly) that the site has had a bit of a re-vamp. We’ve bought in a few more arty black and white pictures and removed one or two historic pages that weren’t getting the hits  -  notably the links page. A few things lined up for 2009  - some gigs still to be confirmed. Keep checking the “Next Gig” and “2009 Schedule” pages as they get updated regularly